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The Business

No Cure – No pay

At Apollo Management we are certain about our professional competences.  With more than 30 years of experience, we are convinced of our capabilities to the point that we won’t charge you before the right solution is found. So… If you don’t end up with a solution from us – You don’t pay us.

It’s a jungle out there…

The music and recording industry is becoming quite a jungle. Compositions, recordings, performances and artists are bordered by music publishers, producers, record labels, booking agents, managers, performance rights organizations, legal rights and legislations. This makes it very easy to get sidetracked or even lost when trying to get to a clearing done. Apollo Management knows the lay of the land and can pave the way for you.

Getting it RIGHT from the start

There are many complicated regulations, problematic circumstances and commercial considerations to consider when trying to license commercial music. The uses of popular music in commercial productions require the user to undertake what can be an arduous clearance process.  Master and publishing rights have to be cleared by composers, writers, artists, musicians and producers before synchronization can be negotiated.  If this sounds overwhelming and time consuming, then Apollo is the RIGHT company for you.



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